Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GTA's Secret World of Polygamy

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There were no pleasantries, there was no small talk. Safa Rigby had expected to hear her husband's voice when the phone rang one morning. Instead, the caller didn't even bother to say hello.

"You think you know your husband. You don't know him at all," said the man, a friend of her husband's. "His car is parked outside my house right now. He is with my ex-wife. They just got married last week," the man said.

It took a minute for the news to sink in. Then she called her husband of 14 years, demanding to know if what she had just been told was true – that while she spent a year in Egypt raising their four children in a more Islamic environment, he had used it as an opportunity to marry not just one, but two other women in Toronto.

"Yes, I'm married," he said, quashing all her dreams of their future together.

This part makes me particularly mad:

"I don't encourage people to do it, unless they have reason for it. Life ends up being very complicated. You have to jump from one house to another all the time," he said.

That's why Hindy advises men to keep the second marriage a secret as long as they can, even from the first wife.

What a way to foster trust in a marriage. Are women there just to do whatever you want with them, then discard them when you have used them up? Muslims are just using this as a way to "hook-up" and say that it's halal (allowed). This is disgusting!

Another article from the point of view of Safa's co-wife's ex husband: Polygamy is a Crime, Non?

Fouad Boutaya found out the law isn't quite as clear-cut as he thought when his wife married his friend and police said they could do nothing

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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

If I were to do that I would be committing bigamy. Not that I particularly want to have multiple wives in secret but knowing that the law treats me so differently due to my religion (actually, lack there of) is sad. Not surprising anymore, but sad.

It is not too late for us to decide that equality before the law for all creeds, genders and races is a worthy societal value.

June 18, 2008 at 6:36 PM  
Blogger desertmonsoon said...

There is one thing I don't understand. It sounds in the article like the woman was still married too when she married again. I know why a Muslim cleric would think it is ok to let the man take a second wife, but where in Islam is a woman allowed to take a second husband?

March 5, 2009 at 4:33 AM  

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