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Women not as intelligent as men???

I got this message on a forum that I am on. Here is part of the message:

Some of the statements by Muhammed SAW are general statements which include exceptions to the rule. furthermore, you may be mistaken in thinking that because women fall short in intelligence i.e as compared to men, that this is the same as being stupid, or dumb...

So if we look at the context, its general, this does NOT mean you cannot find women more intelligent then men, indeed, there are exceptions BUT, we have to admit, men are more intelligent then women, generally speaking, if this is not true why are most men in science, goverment, etc.

So because women have not been in government, science, and many other things they are not as intelligent as men? What about the differences in education that men and women have gotten through the centuries? Women were supposed to be able to excel as much as men even without equal education?

Women have come a very long way in the past hundred years, when women have tried to get an equal education. Islam treats women like they are children. Why would I want to stay in a religion where people think I am stupid just because I am a woman??? Muslims are taught brainwashed to believe this, and even Muslim women think it about themselves! Talk about blind sheep.

A, not a blind sheep anymore!



Blogger Abu Ali said...

It astonishes me that not more women speak out against the injustices in Islam against women. As a man - I feel angry - why don't more women feel angry?

This is something I wrote about a conversation I had a long time ago.

I remember sitting in the staff room of an Islamic school having discussions with my fellow teachers at Islamia School. During one conversation in the staff room with a group of about six teachers, we got on to the subject of equality, and the fact that Shari’ah Law gives a woman half the legal status of a man. In the case of inheritance, a daughter will only receive half what her brother receives, and where a woman is a witness, her testimony is considered half that of a man’s.

“That’s because the Qur’an says, ‘Men are protectors of women,’ and the Prophet said, ‘Women are deficient in religion and mind,’” said one sister.

“What does ‘deficient in mind’ mean?” asked sister another sister, clearly a little unsettled by that statement.

“Firstly God made men stronger, and so they are the protectors and providers. A woman’s deficiency in religion is because she cannot pray all the prayers, due to menstruation. Her deficiency in mind is because of the nature of women and their role as mothers and the fact that women can be emotional and irrational, which makes their testimony less reliable.”

“The world has changed, sister,” I said. “Many women also work and support their families financially – just look around this room; there are six women to one man. To deny them a full inheritance on the basis that their husbands will look after them is simply not fair. As for their testimony being unreliable, men can be just as emotional and irrational. We cannot justify such a law in this day and age. In this instance the Qur’an and Sunnah are not relevant to today’s situation.”

“Astaghfirullah, ********, how can you say that the Qur’an and Sunnah are no longer relevant to our day and age? The Qur’an is the last revelation to mankind and will remain till the end of time as the perfect guide for all places and at all times.”

“I’m not saying none of it is relevant, only that there is a great deal that must be understood in its context. Prophet Muhammad was first and foremost a prophet sent to his people with solutions for the situation at the time. The Qur’an says that Muhammad was sent with the message ‘So that you can warn the Mother of Cities (Makkah) and it’s surrounds.’ Clearly the message he brought was in response to the circumstances of 7th century Arabia and we are not required to follow it today.”

“The Qur’an says that Prophet Muhammad was sent ‘as a mercy to the world.’”

“That doesn’t mean the whole of his message was meant to apply literally at all times all over the world. All the prophets God sent came with a specific message to their people as well as a universal message of belief in God. It is a mistake to think Muhammad’s message was different.”

“But Muhammad was different. He was ‘The Seal of Prophets’; he brought the final and complete message.”

“Just because he was the last prophet doesn’t mean the whole of his message applies for all times. It simply means that man has now reached a stage in his development where it is no-longer necessary to send any more prophets.”

We had to end the discussion there as it was ‘in time’, and we rushed out to bring the children in from the playground. Later that day two of the sisters who had been present at that discussion came up to me privately, at different times, and said they agreed with what I said. Both said it in a hushed tone and made sure no one else was listening. One added that she felt sister ******* was a bit ‘narrow-minded’ – though I never heard her ever question sister ******** to her face.

January 25, 2008 at 3:49 PM  
OpenID brokenmystic said...

With all due respect, I think you're making a huge generalization here. Yes, you may come across some Muslim women who believe that they must be subservient to men, but the majority of Muslim women do not believe this way.

Islam flourishes with diversity -- diversity in thoughts, beliefs, interpretations, schools of thought, etc. I can almost bet that the type of Muslims you're speaking about are probably the Salafi (or Wahabi) ones. Salafis do not represent the entire Muslim population. Sufi Mosques for example have Shaykhas -- female Shaykhs who give sermons and lead rituals.

I have met a lot of independent and strong-willed Muslim women in my life, and I think saying "Islam brainwashes women" is unfair to not just them, but to all Muslims. The Qur'an teaches equality and according to Islamic theology, if the Hadith contradicts the Qur'an, then it is invalid. It is not an authentic Hadith.

There are Muslims *people* who brainwash other Muslims, especially females, but it should not be seen as reflective of the religion itself. Let's not forget that Islam abolished female infanticide, gave women the right to divorce, to work independently, to inherit, and most importantly, to be treated as an EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS.

That's fine that you have left Islam and don't believe in it anymore. I am someone who follows Islam with all my heart and I just wanted to point this out to you. There are many of us who hold Islam very dear to our hearts and find it as a source of Beauty and Wisdom in our lives. These experiences cannot be denied.

Most of us acknowledge the violence committed in the name of our religion, and if you visit blogs like Muslimah Media Watch, you will see Muslim feminists not only defending women's rights, but also their faith and culture(s). You don't need to be Muslim to applaud and appreciate their efforts.


July 13, 2008 at 8:27 PM  
Blogger said...

I came across this blog post when I was searching for a different answer. As it turns out, you might be the person to answer the question.

An old friend of mine has joined an Islamic community somewhere in the US. We recently got a hold of her and I tried to start an email discussion... She didn't reply.

When I did get a reply it was preluded by: It is not good for a woman to have conversations with men...

That seemed a bit odd. I wanted to know where she got that idea from. I've searched the Quran and didn't find anything. She mentions later in the email that Bukhari is an "unreliable hadith." So if Bukhari's unreliable then which hadith should I be looking at?

Where in the heck would she get an idea that she can't have a "conversation" with men? I really want to address the idea that she's not allowed to talk to me any more. I'd like to be respectful and understand the basis of her perspective.

She's smart, funny, and a good person. I hate to see her talents wasted, her voice silenced, and her mind rotting because of the oppressive nature of her faith towards women.

Let me know if you can help.


January 23, 2009 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger desertmonsoon said...

Well I am trying to get a divorce from my husband / dead beat dad of my two sons that I haven't seen in three years, and because he is a Muslim and I am living in a Muslim country, I have to do it in the Sharia Court and I am pissed off that I need four witnesses because my good friends who know about my situation are all female, instead of the two witnesses I would need if they were men.

I asked for an explanation for this and I was given the same answer about women being deficient. That made me rage when I heard it. So being born with a penis somehow automatically makes someone more prone to be truthful?

Oh really? Because I know my husband has a lot more emotional problems than I do which make telling the truth a problem for him 99% of the time.

But all he would need to prove something in court against me is to get two of his equally crooked friends to lie - which they all do quite well.

So I sit here struggling with the "legal" system, so they can grant me right to take care of my kids - even though I am the only one doing it anyway, while he enjoys his life with his girlfriend and illegitimate daughter in another country and Muslim community where he is respected. Once we are officially divorced, I am sure his family will find a way to "Islamically" cheat my sons out of any inheritance they are due from his side too in favor of his bastard but "pure" Muslim daughter (his girlfriend is living with him out of wedlock and has an older child that she bore out of wedlock to another man, but at least she is a "good" Muslim and not a Kaffir like me.) I am sure his sister and aunts are relieved that he has at least one child who can be raised with the superior moral guidance only a real Muslim mother can provide.

Of course, even if I was a CONverted Muslim like the poor spastic British Girl who married his cousin at the age of 14, they would still find a way to declare me and my children unacceptable because as far as they are concerned my race is not the proper one. That poor wife of his cousin has bought into everything they taught her, even the old wives tales that have nothing to do with religion, and they still treat her like crap and try to find "good" girls (meaning of the right race) to marry him.

I guess they expect her to either accept being a lesser co-wife / slave or, better still, just melt away and disappear along with her disturbingly Caucasian looking kids to make room for that "good" girl.

Sorry, for rambling on, but that topic of the court and needing 4 women to 2 men, sets me off every time and especially now because I am having one hell of time getting my divorce and yet another year of my life is being wasted in limbo knowing that, if he is so inclined, though he has done nothing to contribute to the kids' upbringing in the past 3 1/2 years, he could at any time waltz in here and be granted full custody of them without anyone questioning anything further.

March 5, 2009 at 5:34 AM  

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