Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Women's Bill in Pakistani Assembly

Finally the women in Pakistan are getting their rights, but I seriously doubt that they will really get all the rights that the bill says they will.

Pakistan's national assembly has begun work on a bill to safeguard women's rights to property and inheritance.

The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Bill seeks to ban various customs that deny women the right to marry or subject them to forced marriages.

Last November the assembly overcame bitter opposition from Islamic parties to amend the country's controversial rape laws...

The damn Islamic party is trying to keep women under the foot of the man. Now women can be jailed if they say a man raped them. Is the man in jail? No, there's not enough evidence. WTF??? I don't think there's any logic there.

Lastly it says:

The bill proposes that husbands who bring charges of infidelity against their wives under Islamic law but fail in their cases could face charges of slander.

In such cases, the wife would be given the power to initiate divorce proceedings.

Which means, in other words, they usually DON'T have the right to initiate divorce there. Islam treats women like they are children! And like we will just get mad every month when we are on our "monthly" and want to divorce our husbands!

When someone says that women in Islam got many rights in the 8th century that women didn't have anywhere else, ask them why they are still treated like it's the 8th century!

They need to treat women like the ADULTS we are! As long as women put up with this, in other words go along with it, it will keep happening. The "moderate" Muslims aren't making much headway in the actual lives of women in many Muslim countries, and some of them are not trying very hard.

A., lack of an appendage doesn't make me less of an adult

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