Tuesday, May 1, 2007

There's just too much wrong with this thinking!

I just read this American Muslim's blog post here

There's so much wrong with this guy's thoughts I don't know where to begin! He blames "feminism" for all ills in society:

From its origins in the Secular West feminism has spread like a cancer through the entire world as a modern version of Western imperialism...

First of all, what is "feminism"? Is it women getting the right not to be beaten up, and to be able to call the police if her husband is beating her up and him getting arrested? Years ago the police did almost nothing unless she was almost dead. They still don't do much in many Muslim countries. Is it women getting the right to vote decades ago, which they didn't get in some Arab/Muslim countries even today, or only recently? Is it women being able to go to any college or get any job without discrimination? Is it the right to marry who she wants, and to leave that marriage if she is not happy or if she is being abused? If that is feminism, then it has greatly improved this country and the world! It's not to blame for all of society's problems.

Today women work so they can shop till they drop and women have fueled the culture of consumerism and materialism that we see today.

All women are working so they can just buy stuff? First of all, many women are single parents. They are working so they and their kids can have a roof over their heads, not just to buy designer purses. Second, even if they are married, it many times takes two incomes to afford a decent life for a family. It's not the 50's anymore. Things are less affordable now. Having a house and 2 cars and cable doesn't make you rich. Third, if you take the time and money to go to college, why wouldn't you use your education? I am glad I was home with my kids when they were young, but not everyone can do that. Plus I needed time out of the house for my own sanity but I rarely got it (both the time and my sanity *grin). I do know people who work so they can have more "stuff", but most people I know work out of necessity.

In talking about the woman working and not being with the children:

For poor families this time is often a time when kids get into trouble and experiment with sex, alcohol, drugs and crime

Only poor kids get in trouble and do drugs and alcohol and have sex? Where is he living?

With no clear head of the household there is no order and a constant fight for power which has sent millions of couples to divorce or thera-pimps.

Why should one person or the other be the "clear head of the household"? What makes men better than women? Why should one person "rule"? Sorry but I don't live in a dictatorship or a kingdom! When I was married, I told my husband he was more like a co-President. I elected him, but he could always be impeached!

...the kids have no discipline as the male disciplinarian has been stripped of his role (and many times his manhood) and the kids run the show. We see this today as your average high school girl goes to school dressed like a hooker...

Oh so only men can disclipline the children? Women are just wimps? What is the mother then? Just a rent-a-womb and udder, maid, cook, etc?

A breakdown in traditional gender relations and the criminalization of masculinity has caused a breakdown in the moral and social order.

So if women stayed at home, barefoot and pregnant, in the bedroom and kitchen, life would be just peachy? Men should be the "clear head" of the household and disclipline the kids and wife, then everyone would be happy? That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard!


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Blogger Ms. Theologian said...

The last sentence of his post is classic, in which he agrees that actually some of the things that feminism fights against (genital mutiliation) are important.

May 1, 2007 at 12:15 PM  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

Maybe we can arrange for him to have a date with one of those extremist feminists who blame "patriarchy" for all ills in society. . . ;-)

May 1, 2007 at 10:16 PM  
Blogger TabooTruth said...

I agree with you in principle, that Islam is absurd and outdated.

However, feminism unfortunately glosses over biological differences between men and women that create tension when gender roles become fluid. I am NOT saying that we have to resign ourselves to how nature created us. I embrace posthumanism and bio-engineering to guarantee true feminism.

You also have to acknowledge his position on consumerism. The American appetite for useless status symbols is quite unfortunate. Men have their cars and houses, while women spend on shoes and purses. Emotional spending is not good.

Anyway, what you really have to ask yourself is: If God created the genders (and not random evolution) then why would he design women to be physically weaker, more emotionally vulnerable, and less spatially oriented than men, leading to their oppression? God must be cruel to condemn billions of innocent women throughout history to oppression.

And finally, women having birth out of wedlock is NOT a morality issue. I think people should screw with everyong till the fat lady sings. However, it is generally the low-IQ women who don't understand how to use birth control. The dysgenic effects of this will be difficult to deal with. Why the hell would the just and merciful God of the Koran create such gaping intelligence disparities between races?

From David Deangelo, the dating guru:

"Many religions prohibit sex, make sex 'wrong,' give it some name with negative connotation like 'fornication,' or in one way or another discourage it. I once heard a wise man say "Religions take everything that your DNA naturally wants to do to survive and pro-create and makes it wrong." Why? Well, if you're busy fighting your internal drives, and you see God as the only way to cleanse yourself of these 'bad' thoughts, then you are a much better SHEEP. If you want to get people to follow you, first confuse them, then convince them that you know the way to get them out of their confused state. Easy."

May 1, 2007 at 10:58 PM  
Blogger A. said...

Robin, I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that date! There'd probably be some fists-a-flyin'!

Thanks for visiting!


May 1, 2007 at 11:00 PM  

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