Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Another ridiculous post that I have to comment on

A post I saw today about Polygamy Here

My husband believes that God knows the nature of men and He knew that a “typical” man would not be happy or satisfied with one woman so, He allowed polygamy in Islam...

I, on the other hand, think that when God knew that men would mostly be “typical” and would not be satisfied with one woman..

Sorry but that's another big load of crap today (see the previous post, not sure which is the biggest one). A typical man can't be satisified with one woman? What are women, just a place for him to satisfy himself? Sorry but this is just an excuse that men make up so they can have more than one woman. In Islam they say it's ok since they're married, but many Muslim men just marry because their wife is away and they want to have sex. They don't spend equal time with their first wife, they want to spend all their time with the new, more exciting (for now) one. Plus in the Western countries they cannot legally marry more than one woman, so the woman doesn't have the protection of the law. Don't give me "but he will give her her rights." That's another load of bull.

Most men can be satisfied with one woman, but not if they want to find any excuse not to be. Those are not typical men, they are just idiots.

Islam is supposed to allow polygamy so that women can have a husband and protection, plus have legal sex with a man, since that's not allowed outside marriage, esp. if she is divorced/widowed and it's not very easy for her to find a husband, not just as an excuse for a guy who wants to someone new and younger to screw around with.

Muslims regularly argue with non-Muslims that certain verses or Prophetic traditions (ahadith) were taken out of context or not read within the context in which they were revealed/said, but the verse on polygamy is never read within the context in which it was revealed.

But sometimes things are in black and white, and saying you are taking them out of context is just excusing the real meaning (such as the verse in the Quran saying men can beat their wives, read it here: Quran 4:34)

If a Muslim woman remarries, her children from the first husband automatically go to the father.

This is mostly cultural. In most muslim countries a man won't accept or take care of children from another man. Easy way out of that: just send the kids away. So what the woman is only the mother if she is with their father? If she is with someone else she is not their mother and won't put their well-being above her own? I have a big problem with that. "Islam respects women," but we'll take away their kids if they want to remarry. Hmm, somehow I missed the respect there.

A, try to take my kids away and you may die trying.

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Here's a very interesting blog about polygymy in the US:


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