Wednesday, April 4, 2007

How does Polygamy benefit the first wife?

I found this web site and was reading the story of a "first wife". Her husband married another wife and just let her know he was getting married. She goes through years of depression. At first she cannot even take care of her children. So they basically have lost both parents.

Then she says:

How does polygamy benefit the first wife?...I came to the conclusion that the first wife is actually sacrificing herself for the pleasure of Allah...

The blessing of polygamy is that through the trial, if a sister endures and is patient, she will mature as a Muslim and become stronger in her faith. A Muslim woman who endures polygamy will increase in faith, insha’Allah, simply by enduring the hardships of polygamy and trying to be patient and steadfast.

So her kids lose time with their mother that they can never get back, have to take care of themselves while their mother can't get out of bed being depressed because her husband felt she wasn't good enough and had to get another wife. What is she going to say to them? That it's for Allah? All because her husband couldn't stay away from another woman!

I hope she can pay for her children's therapy when they grow up, and that they still talk to her. This will affect them the most of all. She is sacrificing them by staying in this relationship and by acting like it will make her a better person. It's a load of something alright!

Here's a little more from her site:

The Muslim sister in polygamy suffers much pain and hurt on an on going basis, which presents ample opportunity for her sins to be forgiven.

So life has to be full of pain and hurt or we go to hell? What happened to Allah AR-RAHMÂN (The Most Compassionate, The Beneficent The Gracious) AR-RAHÎM (The Merciful)? Did he go somewhere, or he's just not as merciful or compassionate as Muslims claim him to be?

Just something to think about before bed...


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Anonymous sonia said...

Quite! And by this standard of reasoning - a woman should have an affair and her husband should encourage it. Why? Just think - all the trials and tribulation will make him a stronger man.

After all - we could use this sort of argument in all sorts of ways. another crappy one..we should keep people enslaved because the endurance and trials that person will go through will help them mature as a Muslim. or something along those lines anway..

April 10, 2007 at 12:49 PM  

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