Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"You never met a Real Muslim!"

Why is it that whenever someone leaves Islam, they "never met real Muslims" or "really practice Islam" (at least according to Muslims)? Islam is not for everyone. Not everyone leaves Islam so they can screw around and drink (plus plenty of Muslims do that so no reason to leave). Beliefs can change. Are Muslims so scared their religion isn't the best that they can't handle Muslims leaving?

Don't give me the old "it will ruin Islam if everyone left", or "you can't just change religion at the drop of a hat". I was Muslim for over 10 years. Married several Muslim men; I was raising my children as Muslim. I am sure I met "real" Muslims, and I did practice to the best of my ability. Leaving Islam was not a decision taken lightly, even if I am in an area with few Muslims (it is harder to explain Arabic names when you are not Muslim).

So stop harassing Murtads, and look to your own actions. Killing an apostate makes you a Murderer! Not a good person! I judge people on their actions, not how many times they pray or how much skin they cover, or even if they believe in God. There are many good people who don't believe in God.

Don't even get me started on how fake it is to do something (or not do something) because an invisible being tells you to. Do you really need someone to tell you how to treat others?

~ A, not muslim anymore ~


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