Monday, April 2, 2007

Why do Muslims react with violence?

Yesterday I was wondering why Muslims always seem to react with violence towards things they don't agree with or they view as against Islam. Obviously it's not always, but sometimes it seems like there's never a time when Muslims aren't reacting violently towards non-muslims (or even other muslims) in protest of something. The cartoons are a recent example.

In the US, we speak out, boycot stores/companies, picket the company/store, go on strike if we think we are not getting a fair deal on our job, have people sign petitions, or write letters to the president, congressman, or the editor of the newspaper to publically show our views. Why can't they do this?

Then I realized something: they can't do this in their native countries! In most majority muslim countries (or even those that have a large minority), they can't speak their mind. Well ok, technically they can, but then they would be taken to jail for years, tortured, and maybe "disappear". To them it's "can't", because they are trying to raise their family and stay alive.

We take for granted in the United States and other Western countries our ability to say what we think, even about our president or our religion. There is a limitation about what you can say, however. If you are threatening the life of the president or someone else, you probably will be arrested. The secret service (who protects the president) investigates people who send letters that could be viewed as threatening or violent. But if you don't agree with him and want to tell him so, feel free to do so (or even write about it on your blog!)

This past weekend my dad was pissed about why the "fucking muslims" (his words) didn't speak up about the terrorism and violence the minority are doing. I didn't give my opinion, because he doesn't listen to it or even think that maybe I might know more than him about anything. Even though I lived among and with Muslims for 12 years, of course I can't know more than him about them since he has more life experience than I do. What he knowsabout them he reads in the media. Of course they are unbaised, riiiight.

His ranting is what made me wonder about it. I think it is a valid point. Then I came to this conclusion. I am not trying to excuse them, but I think fear of your life/liberty is possibly the reason why many of the ones who object to it don't speak out. You might say yes, for those living in a "muslim country of your choice", but what about the ones who have immigrated to a "western country of your choice"? They don't have to worry about that. I don't think you can get rid of the fear of reprisals when you are raised in that atmosphere. They may be afraid of reprisals of their family/friends back in their country, or they may just not be used to speaking out against what other muslims do. They also may be speaking out in their homes/mosques, but don't want to be seen speaking out in public (again because that is not what they are used to having the freedom to do, or because of reprisals).

I don't hate Arabs/Muslims. I speak out when they are discriminated against (just view my blog to see that). I also am critical of them, esp. when I see an example of how they treat women. I know that the majority of them are peaceful and don't hate westerners, and would never commit a terrorist act. I lived with/among them for many years, and most of them are just trying to do all the things you are supposed to do so they can go to heaven. They do have an incorrect view of westerners from what they have seen in the media in their countries, but then again, Where do you think Westerners get their view of Muslims? Most from the media, unless they work with/live next to or know any Muslims very well.

A., just my thoughts on the subject.

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