Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rewriting the Ad Rules for Muslim Americans

I thought this was a good article, thanks for sending it to me L! First part of the article:

For years, few advertisers in the United States have dared to reach out to Muslims.

Either they did not see much potential for sales or they feared a political backlash. And there were practical reasons: American Muslims come from so many ethnic backgrounds that their only common ground is their religion, a subject most marketers avoid.

That is beginning to change. Consumer companies and advertising executives are focusing on ways to use the cultural aspects of the Muslim religion to help sell their products.

Some areas, such as Detroit, have a large Muslim population, and some already carry products for Muslims:

Companies in the Detroit area, where there is a dense population of Muslims, are leading the change. A McDonald’s there serves halal Chicken McNuggets; Walgreens has Arabic signs in its aisles. And now, Ikea, which recently opened a store in the suburb of Canton, Mich., that has had trouble attracting as many Muslim customers as it had hoped, has been touring local homes and talking to Muslims to figure out their needs.

The biggest problem is that Muslims come from such a variety of countries, as well as American Muslims, who are in between all the cultures. The article addressed that, although there is no easy solution, or maybe no solution to that at all.


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