Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yusef Islam, building bridges between Eastern and Western cultures? NOT!

Yusef Islam Ignores Bare-headed Women

Muslim singer YUSUF ISLAM reportedly refused to speak with the female guides at a German event over the weekend (24-25MAR07) because they weren't veiled - despite accepting an honour for building bridges between Eastern and Western cultures.

Hmm, how how can you bridge bridges to people you don't speak with because they are different from you? Sign language, maybe?

This is idiocy to treat others as if they are not good enough to speak with because they are not covered. Do you expect everyone to become a Muslim, or cover because you are uncomfortable with seeing their bare head? Isn't building bridges about getting along with people of different cultures, not alienating them? Did you forget that you grew up in the "Western" culture? If Muslims had treated you like that, I'm sure you would not have converted. Let's hope not, at least.

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