Sunday, December 24, 2006

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Little Mosque on the Prairie From the NY times article:

“Little Mosque on the Prairie” ventures into new and perhaps treacherous terrain: trying to explore the funny side of being a Muslim and adapting to life in post 9/11 North America. Its creators admit to uneasiness as to whether Canadians and Americans can laugh about the daily travails of those who many consider a looming menace.

“Little Mosque” is the brainchild of Zarqa Nawaz, a Canadian Muslim of Pakistani origin whose own assimilation, particularly after she left Toronto for Regina, Saskatchewan, 10 years ago, provides much of the comic fodder.

This is a very interesting concept of a show, with the idea of it by a Muslim. I wish they would have one like that here. Maybe they will show it here, or we can get it on dvd. I would watch it. It even has some humor * gasp, Muslims have a sense of humor? Who'd a thunk it?

The struggle over what constitutes modest dress is central to the show. When a Muslim girl flounces into her immigrant father’s presence with her navel showing, he recoils in horror, saying, “You look like a Protestant.”

She counters, “Dad, you mean a prostitute?”
He responds, “No, I meant a Protestant.”

Now don't you all dress like Protestants. Because we all know how Protestants dress, now don't we? (yes I was kidding, hear the sarcasm there?)

A., who never dresses like one ;)

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