Saturday, March 31, 2007

Conversion: the double standard among Muslims

Conversion: the double standard among Muslims

This is an interesting blog post about why Muslims don't like it when other Muslims leave Islam. Muslims rejoice when others "join the club" (convert to Islam), but leaving Islam is a big no-no. I guess they forgot to tell us that it's a one-way club: You can get in but you can't get out!

When I was a Muslim, some born-Muslims seemed in awe of me changing my religion. Later I realized it's because they are brainwashed into never even thinking of leaving Islam, no matter what. It's psychological abuse, plain and simple (leaving out the threats of death and bodily harm). I don't live around Muslims like I did in New Jersey, and I don't have to worry about my life, but plenty of former Muslims do. Even if I still lived in New Jersey I would be careful but not afraid. If I meet a Muslim, I would not be scared to tell them I'm a former Muslim. My name and my kid's names kind of give that away. I am not trying to drag all Muslims away from the religion, but it wasn't right for me, and I don't want to raise my kids, esp. my daughter, in such a misogynist religion.


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